Brief History of the Department

In 1972 the subject Defence Studies started in combination with Mathematics and Physics and Botany & Chemistry And Zoology & Chemistry. From 1972 to 2014 the department of Defence Studies  Handled by department has independent establishment. The department Provides Bachelor degree and PG Degree. The department was also recognized as a research center   by Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur. Two major research projects funded by ICSSR, New Delhi  were completed And One Miner Research Project funded by CGCOST, Raipur(C.G.). Time to time seminars /workshops was also organized by the department.

. List the distinguished Alumni of the Department

1. Dr. Vishnu Kant Sharma – Professor, MLB College, Gwalior    

2. Dr. Girish Kant Pandey - HoD, Dept. of Defence Studies, Govt. N.P.G. College of Science,        Raipur(C.G.)

3.   Dr. Meghesh Tiwari- Principal, Vipra College, Raipur(C.G.)

4.   Major K.K.Bose - Indian Army

5.   Lt. Col. B.D. Sharma- Indian Army

6.   Nayab Tahasildar- Sonal Sharma - Govt. of M.P.

7.  Martyr S.I. Yugal Kishor Verma - C.G. Police

8.  S.I. Vasudev Parghaniha - C.G. Police

9.  S.I. Staya Prakash Upadhyay- C.G. Police

10.  S.I. Sidharth Mishra- C.G. Police

11. Shri A. Bhaskar Rao- I.B.

  1. Vision, Mission, SWOC Analysis
    1. Vision – The department has vision to train& Studies the student in the subject and the subjects will able to understand the National Security, National Interest, Armed Forces and Para military Forces in the present scenario.
    2. Mission – To make the student ready to understand Armed Forces and prepare the student for a brilliant carrier in the field of Gentlemen Service.
    3. SWOC Analysis-

Strengths-  Department have highly qualified staff, Well equipped labs, sufficient books, unique museum  and other infrastructure as well as  the level of  Naxal Research is recognized as National Level.

Weaknesses- Department have only two regular & one temporary teacher so the lack of teachers is   affected the expansions of our research activities.

Opportunities- Department have 100 % Ph.D. holder Teachers & Our Library have sufficient  books and Journals so our  Resources is Good.

 Challenges-  Awareness of the subject among student and parents. As well as our subject is not taught in the school education so the Subject Open in the school education is our challenges.

Action Plan For Next Five Years-

Subject Open within the State and spread of research facility. Open peace research institute with the help of U.G.C. and other agencies.




Email ID


Teaching Experience

Academic Achievements





Dr. Girish Kant Pandey

1 June  1965


29 Years

 M.Sc.,B.J., Ph.D., D.Litt.




Dr. Praveen  Kumar Kadwe

29 Oct. 1967

Assistant Professor

24 Years

M.Sc., Ph.D., NET JRF




Dr. Geetanjali Chandrakar

25 Aug. 1980

Guest Lecturer

12 Years

M.Sc., Ph.D.,  NET





Thrust Area  of Research –

 Internal & External Threats & Security 

Extension Activities -

Visit High Schools & Villages to Promote Science  Education & Scientific temper.

  1. Training Workshop/Seminar –  Department Organized Special Lectures Series for Students Every Year as well as students also papers presents during seminars.
  • 2014-15 –Inspector General of Police Shri G.P. Singh (IPS)




015-16 – Air Force Officers


Student Achievement-

  • 2016-17-  One Student Passed NET JRF - Toran Singh Thakur
  • 2016-17 – Student Union President – Indira Tiwari 


Innovation and Best Practices

  • Department watching every students progress time to time so the result of departments was 100%.
  • Presentation delivered by M.Sc. –II Semester & IV Semester  students, topic selected from Syllabus.

List of instruments available (major) and unique features of department –

Defence  Museum

Sand Table Exercise (TWET) .